LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The little red caboose is down and leaving town in pieces this morning.. 

The challenging moving process began early on Tuesday morning.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/05/2019-9AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF WLAF’S CHARLIE HUTSON)

13 Replies to “Bye bye to the ‘Boose; 1-2-3 caboom goes the caboose.”

  1. This is so sad, that caboose has been a landmark to lafollette for as long as I can rember. It’s sad that it couldn’t be saved or moved.

    1. Yes, very sad. I use to live on North Fifth Street directly across from WLAF when I was a boy, we use to play on the tracks when that caboose was there. Then they moved it to where it sat for more than 50 years. I wish it could have been restored. 🙁

  2. Wonder why they did not sell it? I don’t even know who owns it. Maybe it was not movable or restorable? I don’t know. I would love to know the whole story.

  3. Caboose’s are rare and it’s a sad commentary on what we think anymore about history. The more we destroy the less of our past we have. Just plain sad.

  4. Cabooses are often in high demand by museums, Railfans, and some developers. I am amazed nobody bought the thing!

  5. Lived in LAFOLLETTE 57 yrs. This is sad. Its had several small businesses thru the years. It has always been here… I know Arnie Merideth Had tried to relocate it last yr???? To downtown and fix Food Caboose. Great idea but could get no help to do it. Its too bad the city couldn’t take care of that since its an icon. What is to be done with our little caboose???? So sad.

  6. I thinks it’s a shame that this sad little train, could not have been saved…to be brought back to life for something useful in this town.
    It is a very sad thing to see!
    This little train touched my heart for so many years, now it is never be seen again. I just said, “Something should be done about it, before it is to late. I loved that little red train, and knew if I did not get a picture of it…time would soon be up for it!”
    It would have been perfect to restore it, and use it for a historic site of some kind, a memorial for this town. To remember our loved ones past, to all …who are now past on!!!

  7. Sad indeed! I remember, back in 1967, we lived in the house across from WLAF on North Fifth. The little caboose sat on the tracks by the old terminal. We used to play on those tracks, and on the caboose. Sometime in the late 60s, my step brother and I sold live Christmas trees in front of the caboose where it stood for all those years. It was an icon.

  8. Oh My Goodness.. How sad. The little Caboose is a landmark. I always look at it when passing by. It should have been put up for sale or the city restore it.. I can remember it from when we were young children. Love that little Caboose.

  9. Why why why. I’m so sad. Why didn’t people in town know about it. It could have gone to the lot downtown where the old church used to be til we could figure out what to do with it. By the way why was that church torn down. We need to know more about things in town

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