CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) -A drug interdiction operation conducted by Caryville Chief of Police Brian Keeton and members of the Caryville Police Department on Friday netted five arrests.

Keeton details that the purpose of the operation was to gain information and to eradicate drugs from the Caryville Community.  The Chief said, “This type of operation is conducted every couple of months using the entire CPD staff, and that it is primarily carried out through traffic stops.”

TOP PHOTO:  The community expressed its thanks to the Caryville Police Officers for all their hard work; Brandon Cairns, James McCall, Chief Brian Keeton, Aaron Johnson and Daniel Garrett

The course of the operation yielded the following information:
Five drug arrests
Two warrant arrests
One driving on revoked arrest
Four traffic citations were issued

Robert A Trippensee:
Felony Possession Sched II Meth, Felony Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Sched II Meth and
Possession Drug Paraphernalia

Mary Cotton:
Possession Sched III
Possession Sched VI

Warren Poore:
Possession Sched VI
Drug Paraphernalia

Suzanne Grainger:
Possession Sched II Meth
Possession Sched III Suboxone
Simple Possession Marijuana

Jay Perdin:
Bench Warrant Campbell Co

Kevin Leifling:
Warrant: Violation of Probation

David Simpson:
Driving on Revoked 3rd Offense (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/02/2019-4PM)