LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – A squirrel on a kamikaze mission took out the power on the east end of La Follette Sunday afternoon.  And he went out with a bang on the pole in the top photo.
It’s the time of year when on a Sunday afternoon people enjoy a football game with family and friends.  Suddenly, a loud boom was heard down the street, and the game is gone along with all other electrical power in the area.
Yep, one of those little furry critters must have shorted a line blowing out the utility fuse on the pole at the end of the street.  So, who you gonna call?  LUB.
(Left to right) Richard Goodman and Michael Owens with LUB were quick to get the neighborhood back to its football game.
Within minutes, LUB’s on call crews were on the scene replacing the fuse, restoring the power and getting us back to the action of the NFL on a fall Sunday afternoon.
Owens spotted the problem (above) while Goodman (below) takes care of the problem.