LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – On Tuesday, Lafollette City Administrator Jimmy Jeffries stepped away from ATV festival planning meeting to talk with WLAF about the current TAP (transportation alternatives program) grants.

“Currently, we have three grants in progress and have applied for a fourth,” said Jeffries.  The first grant awarded was for $523,000. The grant will cover improvements to three downtown intersections, sidewalks and aesthetics.  Presently, the project is bid out of construction.

Grant Two for $900,000 is in the design phase and will pay for sidewalks. The sidewalk construction will begin by Wender’s Furniture, go through the breezeway, left (west) toward Tennessee Avenue then north onto Tennessee Avenue to the old gas station and continue up the left side to Tank Springs.

Grant Three will cover sidewalks going down Indiana Avenue to Beech Street. This grant was just awarded for $366, 210.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting, two ordinances were approved to start the acquisition phase. The city has applied for a fourth grant to cover Beech Street to South Tennessee to Central Avenue to the Community Center.

“Currently, the city has $5.5 million TDOT (Tennessee Department of Transportation) grants,” said Jeffries.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/03/2019-6AM)