(Left to right)  Gail Bowman, Gail Cook, Mandi Rodriguez and Sebastian Rodriguez take a quick break for a Charlie Hutson photo.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Guests are due later this month, and the City of La Follette and lots of volunteers are getting the city ready to host thousands of locals and out-of-towners during its annual Big Creek Fall ATV Festival.  Fri., Oct. 11 and Sat., Oct. 12 are the dates for the 5th annual fest.

WLAF’s Charlie Hutson was out and about Monday evening catching many people in action ahead of the October event.  They worked long hours on Monday and into the evening.

(Left to right) Tammy Milner, Jimmy Jeffries, Denise Ward, Jimmy Pack, Mandi Rodriguez, Sebastian Rodriguez and Gail Bowman.

Gail Cook carries a load of decorations.

LFD Firefighters Shawn McGlone, Blake Kitts and Zack Williams take a short break for a Charlie Hutson photo.

Tammy Milner (left) and Denise Ward (right) are getting ready for guests to downtown La Follette.

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  1. Outstanding Job by all the Volunteers to get the City ready for all the guest that will be here for an event that keeps growing each year.

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