LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Shoppers in downtown La Follette are adjusting to  how to get to a business or businesses.  It’s a bit easier to get to some than others.  With many, it’s as easy as going to the back of the business.

One of the not so easy businesses to get to is the Pierce Furniture Gallery.  But it is doable with a little planning.  Shoppers can only get to the store by car if they are heading east through La Follette.  They need to  slow down and at the end of the bridge, where the wall ends, and turn right into the Pierce parking lot.  Once they see the layout of walls, barrels and signs, it’s easy.

Ron Pierce with Pierce Furniture Gallery is offering some added incentive to come to his business.  For a limited time, he is offering a free set of bedding with the purchase of any bedroom suite.  For any other furniture purchases, Pierce will pay the sales tax.

Pierce Furniture Gallery is directly across the street from Ideal Florist, which also has one-way into its parking lot.

Pierce is calling it the “Find the Pierce Furniture Gallery Parking Lot Sale.”  The store is open Monday through Saturday starting at 9 am.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/24/2019-6AM)