TOP PHOTO:  Crews began working around 7 pm Tuesday night to set the stage for a new traffic pattern that is expected to begin Wednesday morning.

PHOTO BELOW:  This sign was set up just after 5 pm Tuesday. 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – TDOT Inspector Greg Monday said, “If everything goes good through the night (Tuesday morning into Wednesday morning), Wednesday morning at 6 am, traffic will follow a new pattern from Indiana Ave. to Tennessee Ave. on the west bound side through downtown La Follette.”

East or Harrogate-bound traffic takes a big angle to the north or left as it travels through down town La Follette as you can see in this 5 am photo.

The new pattern is in place and working as of Wednesday morning.  West bound traffic is not really affected as much as the east bound traffic.  On the east bound side, traffic takes a big swing around the bridge work area.  The first phase of the bridge refurbishment is starting on the south side or Pierce Furniture Gallery, Wender Furniture, Smith Hardware, Lindsay’s Carpet and Paint Center side.

During the night, crews installed new traffic signs while lane markers and striping was completed.   In addition, all the previous traffic flow striping was blacked out.  Based on this morning’s look, Monday found the night/morning’s work to meet specs, and he let the traffic roll through the new pattern.