A planned power outage is scheduled for Saturday (March 16) for several areas of south Campbell County.     According to Kodi Dupuy, LUB’s Customer Service Supervisor and Administrative Assistant, the outage will take place between 9 AM and noon.  The three-hour outage runs along Highway 116 from just past JR’s tires on John McGhee Blvd and Highway 116 going south down into the Cherry Bottom area.  Roads off of Highway 116, such as Dilbeck Lane, Pilkey Lane, Old Vasper Road, Old Vasper Lane and Dison Lane will also be affected.

Dupuy goes on to say, “Crews will have to take the lines down in order to clear trees from the area where there has been a landslide along the highway. LUB has already had an outage due to trees falling on the lines there and more will happen if not addressed.”  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/15/2019-6AM)