One-year ago this week, then Jacksboro Middle School Principal Jennifer Fields became the new director of schools. On the night of  January 22, 2018, she was unanimously voted-in as the new director of schools by the Campbell County Board of Education.  She succeeded retiring Director of Schools Larry Nidiffer.

TOP PHOTO:  Jennifer Fields was captured in this Charlie Hutson photo moments after she was named as the new director of schools.

The director shares with WLAF, “I can say that over the last 10.5 months I have become more relaxed and comfortable in this position. The staff I assembled shares in the vision I have for our district, and we work diligently every day to reach the goals that have been set to improve education in our district.”

Fields is proud of the improvements that have been made in Campbell County Schools. She said, “There is an SRO in every school, a nurse in every school, and an academic coach in every school. We have one principal participating in the Rural Principal Network and one Assistant Principal participating in GASL, the Governor’s Academy For School Leaders. Both of these leadership programs are competitive and I am honored that we have administrators who were selected to participate. It has been a goal of mine over the past year to grow our leaders and build their capacity. I am not referring to administration only. I see everyone in the school system as a leader, and I have worked diligently to provide high quality professional development, training, and modeling opportunities for our teachers to empower them and offer them the support they need to enhance the educational process for our students.”

“My staff and I feel that transparency is essential for effective communication. We utilize social media, along with local media platforms, to keep students, parents, and the community informed on important information, accomplishments, and changes occurring in our schools. Our schools now have the automated call out to assist in improving attendance by notifying parents when their student is absent from school,” Fields adds.

New Director of Schools Jennifer Fields was congratulated by retiring  Director of Schools Larry Nidiffer

The director does not believe in top down leadership. She said, “Our students, parents, and staff are the voices that guide our planning process. My job is to be a resource for those I serve and empower each one of them to reach their maximum potential and feel empowered and supported.”

This past year has been different from anything Fields has experienced in the 26 years she has been in education, but it has been the most rewarding because she has had the opportunity to work with everyone in the school system and community. Director Fields said, “I am my most content and fulfilled when serving others, and this past year has allowed me to do that. I am confident in the positive direction we are moving in the Campbell County School System.”  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/24/2019 – 7AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF WLAF’S CHARLIE HUTSON)