Here are some  select excerpts from Governor Bill Lee’s inaugural speech that he delivered Saturday at Nashville after being sworn-in as Tennessee’s 50th governor.  The excerpts are in no particular order.

TOP PHOTO:  Back in the summer WLAF’s Josh Parker (L) caught up with now Governor Bill Lee at the Woodson Mall.

“Tennesseans, we stand in one of the great states in all of America. But out greatness has never come from what any one individual did. Our greatness has always come from the collective lives, service, commitment and sacrifice of those who came before us—because of what we have always done as a people together, in community with each other, in service to our
state and to our neighbors.”

“Government is not the answer to our greatest challenges.  Government’s role is to protect our rights and our liberty and our freedom.  I believe in a limited government, that provides unlimited opportunity for we the people to address the greatest challenges of our day.”

“We are famous for our three grand divisions of East, Middle and West Tennessee, represented by the three stars on our flag. It is important however to remember that the blue circle around the three stars on our flag represents the unity of our state. I believe that Tennesseans have much more that unites us than divides us.”

“I believe that education is more than a test score—it’s about preparing a child for success in life. A resurgence of vocational, technical and agricultural education, and the inclusion of civics and character education, combined with reforms, will take Tennessee to the top tier of states.”   (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/19/2019-7:30AM)