WLAF received a handful of responses to last week’s story on the Town of Jacksboro regular monthly meeting surrounding opening streets to ATV (all-terrain vehicle) riders.  As a result, WLAF checked into what exactly Jacksboro needs to do to open its streets to ATVs.


TOP PHOTO:  ATVs are parked in downtown La Follette during the annual Big Creek Fall ATV Festival.  Caryville, Jellico and La Follette have designated streets for ATVs.

At the meeting, Travis Shelton read a prepared statement to the board.  It requested opening up streets inside the town to ATVs.  He also had a petition he presented to the board with signatures of citizens who were in agreement with him.

Since the meeting, WLAF has learned that all of Campbell County falls under the Adventure Tourism District, and the city roads and county roads in any county city or town need no state approval to allow ATV riders to use them if they are designated by the municipality.

Beyond that, all the Town of Jacksboro has to do, if the trail is going to cross any state road or is going to use a short segment of a state road, is vote on what state roads to designate and send it to Representative Dennis Powers and Senator Ken Yager in a resolution, and they will carry a private act for Jacksboro.  A bill will then need to be passed to allow those areas of state road to be used.

The Town of Jacksboro is required to pay for the signage for the designated roads.

You can view the full story and comments from the January 3, 2019, meeting HERE.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/09/2019-6AM-PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CITY OF LA FOLLETTE)