Brianna Jones was pulled over on Christmas night for not using her headlights, but Jacob Bunch was the one arrested.

Campbell County Deputy John Minor noticed the silver sedan not using its headlights and stopped it.

When he approached the car, Minor allegedly noticed a strong smell of what he believed to be marijuana coming from the vehicle. While Minor and Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Matt Raines were conducting  a field sobriety test with Jones, Bunch walked up and allegedly demanded the vehicle be released to him. He told officers it was his vehicle and his girlfriend was driving it, according to a report from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department. Bunch was told several times to step away from the scene, due to the investigation in progress, during this time Bunch allegedly told officers several times they couldn’t tow his vehicle. After officers explained he could be arrested for interfering, Bunch left the scene.

Jones allegedly said her boyfriend smoked weed in the car, but she did not know if there was any in the vehicle or not. Officers searched the vehicle and found a bag containing several syringes and a vile of liquid that was believed to be steroids, a schedule IV narcotic. Bunch returned to the scene and said he had gotten the steroids from a guy but didn’t know his name.

Bunch, 21, 602 S 8th Street, LaFollette is charged with possession of schedule IV-controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 01/08/19 6AM)