Crew members from the La Follette Utilties Board (LUB) continue helping restore power this morning to customers in the Florida Panhandle.   Spotty and no mobile phone service have prevented WLAF News from directly talking with the seven men from LUB, but we have a video to show you of some of what they are up against.  WATCH HERE.

There’s a power line under the debris you see on on the left.  LUB General Manager Kenny Baird explains that there are miles and miles of the same all around where his men are helping.

LUB employees Blake McCullah, Mike Owens, Robert Fritts, Brad Ivey, Bryan Templin, Jordan McDeerman and Brandon Shown are restoring power to  one of the areas where Hurricane Michael hit the hardest- Blountstown.   The community is about half-way between Panama City and Tallahassee. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/16/2018-6AM-LUB VIDEO COURTESY OF LUB’S KENNY BAIRD)