The 125th International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) starts Saturday at Orlando.  La Follette Chief of Police Bill Roehl leaves out for the annual event later today.   Roehl’s trip comes after he was selected from a handful of Tennessee Chiefs of Police to receive a scholarship to the most comprehensive law enforcement conference and exposition of the year.  He said, “This is not costing the city a dime, and I’ll be able to learn some things that will help our force and folks here in La Follette.”

The chief has been shopping the seminars (in photo above) that he might be interested in taking.  As of Wednesday, he already had two that he was certain he’d attend;  mental health issues and drugs/opioids seminars.  Roehl continues to look for sessions that looks like may be beneficial to our community.

The IACP notes that its been shaping the law enforcement profession since 1893.  At the conference and exposition, new strategies, techniques and resources to successfully navigate the evolving policing environment are provided to the leaders who attend.

Roehl says that Lieutenant James Lynch will oversee the department until his return on Wednesday.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/04/2018-6AM)