There are 12 names on today’s list.

Blackman, Deandre Lamont age 25 of 13375 Corbett – Detroit, MI for possession of marijuana for resale.

Churchill, Dennis Frederick age 51 of 1994 Lake City Avenue – Clinton for a capias/bench warrant.

Douglas, Kristy Leigh age 30 of 356 Wooldridge Pike – Newcomb for 2nd offense driving on revoked (revoked for DUI).

Fox, Natasha Ann age 31 of 419 Logan Street – Jellico for criminal trespassing, possession of a schedule II controlled substance (meth), possession of a schedule III controlled substance, possession of a schedule V controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Luther, Corie Joseph age 20 of 920 South 8th Street – La Follette for aggravated assault by domestic violence.

Owens, Shannon Elizabeth age 33 of 4238 Old Middlesboro Highway – Speedwell for a hold for another agency.

Perry, Daniel Zackary age 25 of 1126 Little Elk Creek Road – Pioneer for violation of probation (criminal court).

Sheldon, Jessica Kimberly age 31 of 182 Brooke Place Lane – La Follette for violation of probation (general sessions).

Slagle, Charles Zach age 26 of 810 South 8th Street – La Follette for a capias/bench warrant.

Waldroop, Brittany Michelle age 27 of 415 Rainbow View Road – La Follette for violation of probation (criminal court).

Worley, Lonnie Joe age 55 of 150 School Street – Jacksboro for 8th offense driving under the influence (DUI), driving while a habitual motor vehicle offender, violation of implied consent law, violation of registration law and violation of TN financial law.

Zecchini, Kristopher C. age 48 of 768 South Main Street – Jellico for a capias/bench warrant.