On Monday night, Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Cody Douglas was dispatched to the area of General Carl W. Stiner Highway near the Dollar General Store for an alleged reckless driver.   The vehicle was reported to be beige or brown in color and driving erratically behind a tractor trailer toward La Follette.  When Douglas found the car, he noticed it had a headlight out and was weaving, according to a report from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department. Douglas was able to stop the vehicle at the La Follette city limits near Food Lion. When Douglas approached the vehicle, he saw that the driver allegedly had blood shot watery eyes, slurred speech and appeared to be flushed in appearance.  The driver, who was later identified as Amber Eve Bevins, was very sluggish and fumbled with her wallet and paperwork, when her driver’s license was requested. Douglas noticed she passed her license up several times when looking for it, the report said. She was unable to provide proof of insurance.

Bevins then allegedly failed a series of sobriety tests. She was later searched and a crushed orange pill in a wrapper was found in her bra. She told the officer the pill was a suboxone. Bevins explained to Deputy Douglas police she had left a friend’s house in Oak Ridge around 4 p.m. and had drank one beer.

While Bevins was being transported to the jail, she said she was not taking any test to show what was in her system, because the test would probably show suboxone and marijuana.

Bevins, 28, 107 Einboro Lane, Oak Ridge is charged with violation light law, driving under influence (DUI), possession of schedule III-controlled substance, violation of TN financial law and violation implied consent law.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/06/2018-6AM)