Misty Dawn Dople alleged last Friday that she was taking her friend to the emergency room. But she ended up in jail.

Dople was driving on South Main Street at Jellico when Campbell County Deputy Dakota Williams noticed her vehicle crossed the fog line. She then turned left on Florence Avenue and began traveling in the middle of the road. Williams stopped the vehicle and made contact with Dople, who said that she did not have a driver’s license or identification on her. She then said she was trying to get her friend, who was in the passenger seat, to the emergency room, according to a report from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department. Williams talked with the passenger who said they were fine and didn’t need any medical attention.

A check of Dople’s license revealed it was suspended. Williams had Dople get out of the vehicle and noticed she had her left hand in her left front pocket. When she took her hand out of her pocket, she dropped a pill that Williams was able to pick up. She allegedly told Williams that the pill was her Neurontin.

The 37-year old Dople is from 134 Corbin Lane, Newcomb.  She is charged with failure to maintain lane, failure to carry registration, driving while suspended, violation of TN financial law and possession of schedule V controlled substance.

Dople was released from the county jail yesterday on a $2,500 bond. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/30/2018-6AM)