Many parent(s) are now choosing to home-school their children instead of sending them to public school.  However,  most parent(s) do not realize there are requirements and procedures that must be followed.   Proof of enrollment must be shown to their county school system in which their child would be attending.  Parent(s) must bring evidence of enrollment in one of the home school programs at the beginning of the school year which commenced on August 9th, 2018.  If a parent(s) has not shown proof of home-schooling a child in Campbell County he/she must bring evidence immediately to the Campbell County Board of Education that you have enrolled your child in one of the following three programs.

  •  Independent Home School
  • Church-related Umbrella School
  • Accredited Online School                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Tennessee Home School Law (TN Code Annotated 49-6-3050) gives specifics  for parent(s) to home school his/her child.

Requirements for enrollment of a child in each of the three types of home schooling are different.

  • Independent Home School requires proof of the parents high school diploma or GED and the child’s shot records.  These must be brought to the Campbell County Board of Education for enrollment.
  •   Church-related Umbrella School and Accredited Online School have their individual requirements for enrollment.   After enrollment the parent(s) should have proof and bring  to the Campbell County Board of Education.

After enrolling a student into one of the three types of home school the parent(s) are responsible and liable for the education of the child.

11 Replies to “Parents Must Provide Evidence to the Campbell County Schools for Home Schooling a Child”

  1. What if parents don’t give proof of any enrollment can charges be brought against parents

  2. “…most parent(s) do not realize there are requirements and procedures that must be followed” – This statement is completely false. As a homeschooling mom, I know how much work most homeschool parents put into home education. Homeschooling requires much research, expense, time, and effort. Home education is NOT a decision taken lightly by parents and most certainly most parents absolutely know the TN laws regarding homeschooling in depth. Granted there are some homeschooling parents who are just doing this because they are too lazy to get their children out the door each morning or because their child has been in trouble one too many times at school. However, this is not the case with most homeschooling families. This article makes it seem as though homeschooling families are ignorant – shame on you, WLAF.

    1. You are some of the few home schooling parents which correctly educate his / her child. The article was written to let many parents know he/she Must do more than just say “my child is in home school”. The intent was not to offend home schooling children.
      There are numerous students in Campbell County who are supposedly home schooled and are not meeting the minimum state requirements of notifying his/her home county or educating his/her child.

  3. What if you know a child that is supposed to be in home school but parent’s don’t make them do anything, they sleep all day and set up all night playing games. Home school shoul be monitored more closely and parent’s held liable. What happens in this case?

  4. I find this odd as a parent who has their child enrolled in an umbrella program. That program takes care of everything including contacting the school board.

    1. The sad thing with home schooling is that the BOE doesn’t care if the children are really doing the work. The advise that they could give is that when the children turn 17 they can take the GED and hope they can pass. The whole home school issue is obviously out of hand if no one’s cares enough about our children and the education they receive, this is our future. Just wonder what the world will be like when it’s ran by high school drop outs because the parents and children are to lazy to go to school.

      1. It is the state and your elected officials who make the rules about home schooling. We (BOE) do not have any control as to how the parent educates his or her child in home school. The law needs to be changed ASAP and enforced when changed. Governor Haslam was the one whom changed the home school law that a parent only needed a high school diploma or GED to teach a high school student all subjects.

  5. This article has misinformed homeschoolers who use an umbrella school. Parents who use a homeschool umbrella do not have to physically take proof of homeschooling to the school system. The umbrella school notifies the school system for them.

    1. Exactly!!!! I even called mine to double check and they said some counties are just misinformed!

  6. The statement “Church-related Umbrella School and Accredited Online School have their individual requirements for enrollment. After enrollment the parent(s) should have proof and bring to the Campbell County Board of Education.” is incorrect. After enrolling in an umbrella program or online school parents are not required to submit anything to the board of education as they are considered enrolled in a private school. If Campbell County is requiring this of parents utilizing umbrella or online schools they are overstepping the law.

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