A Campbell County SRO’s quick actions prevented a medical emergency on a choking student yesterday.

The lunch period at La Follette Middle School was saved from a larger emergency Tuesday due to the quick actions of the SRO on duty, Deputy Brandon Gross. Campbell County Sheriff Robbie K. Goins says, “Deputy Brandon Gross recognized the male student giving the well-known choking signal and noticed that he couldn’t breath.  Deputy Gross reacted as any good officer would, following his training and duties preforming the Heimlich Maneuver successfully removing the obstruction from the child’s airway.”

Gross stated while he was on routine examination of the grounds and lunch period, the student clearly got his attention. “I was just doing my job and what I was assigned to do as any other human being would do, hopefully. I have been given an opportunity to make a difference and keep these children safe. I’ll do that at all costs.”

LMS Principal Joey St. John was not at school Tuesday when the event took place.  He tells WLAF, “We are thankful to have a full time SRO in our building that can be of great assistance in the overall safety and success of our school.”

The sheriff adds, “I am pleased with the group of SRO’s we have. These children are our priority every single day. We are thankful to work with the students, staff and the Campbell County Board of Education on a daily basis.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/15/2018-6AM-PHOTO COURTESY OF LMS PRINCIPAL JOEY ST. JOHN)

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  1. Way to go Brandon Gross!!! Thank you for looking out for the children and for ALL of us in Campbell County!!!

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