A person close to the investigation of Wednesday’s apparent accidental shooting tells WLAF News that the youngster who was shot has died.  The shooting happened inside a car in the parking lot of Woodson Mall.

It was said that the 10-year old girl died just before 10 pm Wednesday night at a Knoxville hospital.

LPD Chief Bill Roehl calls the event a tragedy and says the investigation is on going.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/08/2018-10PM)

5 Replies to “Mall parking lot shooting victim dies”

  1. My most sincere prayers are with the family. My heart is breaking for them during this tragedy. I’m so very sorry for their loss.

  2. Prayers for the family of this poor child no parent should ever have to burry a child especialy when it comes to something could have been avoided.

    1. First off thank you for your prayers this our family but on the other hand this is why “we have the right to bear arms” 2nd amendment it’s our choice. So please in our time and the families time keep your negative comments to yourself they need time to grieve.

  3. It’s sad enough that someone is suffering the loss of a child, then to have to feel the guilt! Never judge before you know the complete details.

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