Alan Adkins says, “I’ve been coming here all my life.”  The old hardware store has about 30-years on Adkins who stopped by Smith’s on Saturday morning for parts for a home project.

Crystal Ivey (R) helps Adkins checkout Saturday morning

He didn’t stay around long enough for a hot dog, because he needed to get back to his repair chore.  Adkins did slow down long enough to get a ticket for the prize give-a-way.

Sherman Campbell (R) works through what Adkins needs for his project.

There were many other folks, much like Adkins, who came through the Smith doors on Saturday with a memory to share while they enjoyed a hot dog or picked up an item or two.  And for much of the community it can be said, “We’ve all been coming to Smith Hardware all our lives.”  Thank you, Smith’s.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/23/2018-6AM)