It’s sort of a Tennessee Jamboree 2.0.  Fast forward from 1953 to 2018, and it’s Postmark Jamboree on WLAF.  It was like 1978 when the last Tennessee Jamboree featuring Elmer Longmire and the Blue Valley Boys and special guests last aired on WLAF.

The Blue Valley Boys

The folks at Postmark La Follette have been working, it may be more than a year now, on putting together a local monthly show featuring local talent.  Well.  The wait is over.  Almost.

Saturday night at the former West La Follette School, now known as the West End Rec Center, is when Postmark La Follette breathes life into the Tennessee Jamboree.  2018 style.  It’s Postmark Jamboree starting at 7 pm.

Performing will be Greg Marlow and Friends, New River Rising, Carie Ferra along with Mason T. and Carl Capps.  Tony Branam with Postmark Jamboree explains that a young performer will be featured each month as well as the feature of an instrumental performance highlighting a unique or lesser known instrument.

Laxton’s Coffee Shop is where this photo was snapped circa 1965

Seating is limited and admission is $5 per person.  Postmark Jamboree airs over AM 1450, FM 100.9, WLAF-TV 12, and on (at the watch on demand link).

CLICK HERE to read more of the history and CLICK HERE for a listen back on the Tennessee Jamboree – courtesy of Dr. Bradley Hanson.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 07/20/2018-6AM)