On Monday morning, Noah Smith announced he was considering applying for the vacancy on the Campbell County Board of Education.  Later in the day, Jennifer Orick, the wife of late School Board Member Mike Orick, sent a letter of application for the opening after her husband’s sudden death in June.Upon learning of Orick’s applying, Smith decided not to apply and to put his support behind Orick.  Read Noah’s letter of withdrawal HERECLICK HERE to read Orick’s application letter.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/03/2018-6AM)

2 Replies to “Noah withdraws from BOE appointment process”

  1. This makes me very happy to see Jennifer Orick’s application to the Campbell County Commission to be appointed to fill her husband Mike Orick’s vacant seat on the Campbell County Board of Education.

  2. It’s commendable that Jennifer wants to continue supporting the position held by Mike. I am sure she will continue to carry on the deep understanding of the needs for our education system.
    I am at the same time grateful to see we have a young person like Noah Smith who is aware of how important public service is, but that he has the grace and dignity to understand valor of the circumstances. He will find thst his voice us needed in many different areas. Good luck to you both. Our children are our future. Nurture them well and we will see good things happen.

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