A second budget workshop was held yesterday afternoon for the City of LaFollette.

Discussion of employee raises continued. In last week’s workshop, Councilmen Bill Archer and Fire Chief Charles Eldridge both lobbied for raises for the employees.  Terry Sweat previously explained that without a raise in taxes there was not money for raises in the budget.  A one-time bonus in the amount of $500 for all employees was discussed. This would be an across the board bonus for all full time and part time employees, according to Councilwoman Ann Thompson.

The police department had placed new office equipment on its wish list, but the possibility of eliminating this item was discussed.

Prior to the regular scheduled workshop on Monday (06/25), the council will meet at 4 p.m. at City Hall to continue discussing the budget. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/21/2018-6AM)


6 Replies to “LaFollette discusses employee bonuses”

  1. What did the city of lafollete do with the foreclosured home and the 5.000.00 that was given to the city back in 2013

    1. Well … that was three city administrators, two elections, and five years ago. You’d need to request minutes from the city to probably get the answer unless someone at the city recalls that.

      1. It shouldn’t matter that it was years ago. Wells Fargo was the donor!
        Don’t you care what they did to benefit The City Of Lafollette?

        1. There was nothing said about me not caring. If it is such a big deal to you, why are you asking five years later rather than in 2013. And if you really want to know, I suggested that you contact the city for minutes from that year’s meetings.

  2. I’m a retired employee of Wells Fargo Bank,
    And I have ask the question, directly to official, the Reply was readfaced and I Don’t Remember, I had forgot about that house and 5,000.00. I just thought it was a nice gift for the City, I’ll ask for the mins from the meeting and I’ll report back to Wells Fargo Bank my finding.
    You have a great day
    Talking to you was better then talking to politicians or the folks sitting behide there desks here in Campbell County.

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