It was a fun day on Wednesday for the WLAF Golf Team.  The foursome took part in the Campbell High Golf Team fundraiser on the Greens at Deerfield.

L-R Barry “Hit ’em Straight” Stratton, Bill “Justin Bieber” Seiber, Randy “Puttin'” Perkins, & Greg “The Candidate” Cross

Thanks to Barry, Bill, Randy, and Greg for representing WLAF on the links.  It ended up that we were one shirt short in the supply closet, and Larry and Kolby Byrge at Byrge Screen Printing hustled up a last minute shirt, mint green, on Tuesday afternoon.  So we decided to single Greg out with that shirt since he is our team’s resident candidate for register of deeds.  Thanks for being a good sport, Greg. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/21/2018-6AM)