There are 10 names on today’s list.

Campbell, Eric Brandon age 30 of 915 Grace Lane – Briceville for court imposed to serve time.

Faulknberry, William Ryan age 47 of 4800 Highway 187 – Star, SC for simple assault on a minor.

Kidwell, Glenna Leann age 37 of 268 Campridge Road – La Follette for court imposed to serve time.

Lambert, Jesse Gene age 30 of 410 West Kentucky Avenue – La Follette for driving while suspended, violation of TN financial law, violation of registration law, driving left of center and violation of light law.

Lay, Dartanyan David age 24 of 280 North 4th Avenue – Jellico for attachment child support.

Malone, William Blake age 30 of 136 Canberra Drive – Knoxville for capias/bench warrant.

McGhee, Dennis W. age 47 of 802 West Forrest Street – La Follette for driving under the influence (DUI) (2nd offense) and violation of implied consent law.

Morrison, Jennifer Denise age 46 of 153 South Village Lane – La Follette for capias/bench warrant.

Rich, Roger Lee age 48 of 106 North Center Street – Tunnel Hill, GA for rape, statutory rape by authority figure (3 counts), incest, sexual battery by an authority figure (2 counts).

Vandyck, Marc age 53 of 150 North Tennessee Avenue – La Follette for public intoxication (PI) and simple assault.