A West Virginia man found himself in jail while traveling through Campbell County.

Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy John Minor was on I-75 north in the predawn hours of last Monday morning when he noticed a vehicle that was unable to maintain his lane. The black Toyota crossed the dividing line twice and then crossed the fog line twice. Minor followed the vehicle for several miles and noticed the vehicle slowed to 60 MPH. At this time, Minor pulled the vehicle over at the 156-mile marker near the Rarity Mountain Exit. When he approached the vehicle, he could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. He asked the driver of the vehicle, who was later identified as Kevin Lee Allen, if there was anything illegal inside of the vehicle and he said no. He then asked Allen, of Huntington, if there was any marijuana inside the car and he said no, but said that it was a rental car and he had noticed a faint smell of marijuana inside the vehicle when he had rented it, according to a report from the Sheriff’s Department.

Minor searched the vehicle and found a found a large amount of cash inside the driver door that smelled of marijuana. Continuing the search, he found a silver crusher containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana as well as a half smoked rolled cigarette believed to be marijuana along with several small particles through out the car in plain view that were also believed to be marijuana. Another large stash of cash was found in the center console with a green leafy substance. Caryville Police Officer Billy Lowe came to assist Minor and found a clear bag containing two blue pills believed to be schedule II controlled substance.

Also, found in the vehicle was a duffle bag containing only a single dryer sheet with a residue of a green substance and suitcase that contained a power cord, a sock and a green substance.

Allen, age 34, is charged with possession of schedule VI controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to maintain lane and possession schedule II controlled substance.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/11/2018-6AM)