Town of Jacksboro Alderman Shayne Green demanded at last night’s mayor and board of aldermen meeting that the city purchase a mower for the street department.

Green said that the right of ways in the city had not been mowed in a year.  Mayor June Forstner quickly disputed Green’s claim. Forstner said the city had two tractors currently in use, plus one that was a safety hazard that is not currently being used. Forstner said she was working on an estimate to purchase a mower hopefully in the next budget cycle. Green said he wanted the item on next month’s agenda to be discussed further.

Forstner addressed the board about a rental property owner in the city that was dumping his trash in the creek on Cove Street. Permission was requested from the board to let Caryville-Jacksboro Utilities clean up the creek area.  Green became agitated at the topic saying there were other properties in the city that needed to be cleaned up. Green and JC Miller voted no, Ray Green abstained from voting on the clean up topic.

Work on storm drains will begin soon in the city.  Some of the drains will need to be raised three to five inches.

Bids for the sale of a dump truck and fire truck were received.  The board agreed to accept the bids.

Pam Jarrett has been acting as detective for the city since the death of Mike Starrett.  The board officially appointed her to the position Thursday night.

Clarence Lowe was appointed as representative to the Caryville-Jacksboro Utility Commission.

Jacksboro Police Officer Justin Crabtree was commended for his quick response, utilization of his training and lifesaving skills. Forstner said that Jessica Gross husband called city hall to thank Crabtree for his assistance when his wife had a medical emergency. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/08/2018-6AM)

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  1. It’s A SHAME & A DISGRACE how the right of ways and four lane medians are ALWAYS OVERGROWN in Jacksboro!! Lafollette and Caryville right of ways are always mowed and kept up nicely! I agree…Buy a mower and keep it mowed regularly..Please!!!

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