A 41-year career that has seen its share of innovations, trying moments and good times is coming to an end.
Gwen Patterson, the ever present face behind the counter at Terry’s Pharmacy, is retiring.Patterson’s career started with a short interview.
Terry Ratcliff, then owner of Terry’s Pharmacy, asked, “Can you start in the morning?”  Patterson said that she could and now, more than four decades later, she’ll stop tomorrow afternoon.  The staple thousands of clients have learned to call on at Terry’s Pharmacy is officially retiring June 6.
Her career at the pharmacy happened on a tip from her son’s school teacher. The teacher worked summers at the pharmacy and told Patterson that with school back in session, the store needed some help prompting Patterson to inquire.
The manual typewriter that sat on the counter at the pharmacy when Patterson started that October morning back in 1977 is long gone. No more pencils and paper as keyboards, monitors, and computers dot the work area at Terry’s Pharmacy.  And Patterson has been there through all the changes.
However, the next change may take some getting used to for the workaholic, who has toyed with the idea of retiring in the past.
Though Patterson says she has plenty to do; caring for her 94-year old mom and her husband along with lots of mowing, and getting through a remodeling project at her home.
Her patients and co-workers are what she will miss the most, Patterson said.
But she’s quick to say, “When they get in a bind, I’ll be here to help out.”
And about those almost 41-years- “It’s gone fast. Real fast,” Patterson said.
Best to you, Gwen!  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/05/2018-6AM)