City of La Follette Councilwoman Ann Thompson came to Tuesday afternoon’s city council workshop at City Hall with an agenda of her own.

Thompson questioned City Administrator Jimmy Jeffries about $5,000 left over from the 2017 creek cleanup project that was allocated to purchase trees for the creek bank of Big Creek in downtown La Follette. Jeffries said the clean-up is not complete at this time and permits were needed for the placement of the rip rap on the banks. Thompson then questioned Jeffries about why the defibrillator that was approved in February had not been purchased yet. Jeffries said he forgot the purchase and apologized to the council for not following through on the purchase. He then requested Fire Chief Charles Eldridge to come to his office tomorrow, so they could order the defibrillator. In Thompson’s final question, she asked who Jeffries is to report to when he’s off work. He said that he normally told his administrative assistant, City Clerk Stan Foust or a department head such as Codes Officer Daniel Smith but was usually available by cellphone. Thompson then questioned whether he would be taking additional time off or not.  Jeffries hesitated momentarily, but replied that he would be taking additional time off.  He continued saying that it was difficult to campaign (for sheriff) and work in a hostile work environment. Jeffries then asked Mayor Mike Stanfield if he needed to notify him when he was off, Stanfield responded by saying that would be fine.

Other items discussed at the workshop were the promotion of police officer Monty Miller to sergeant at a salary of $35,728.27 starting June 9.

Council will discuss the acceptance of bids for asphalt paving and pavement markings on North Tennessee Avenue at next week’s regular monthly meeting of the city council. Councilman Lonnie “Hot Rod” Wilson requested an additional $5,000 to complete the RV park. Thompson pointed out that the city had already spent $15,000 on the park. She then questioned who would manage the park and asked if there would be a time limit on how long people can stay. Thompson then expressed concern that it could become a haven for prostitutes.

ADDITION to this story: 

Thompson called WLAF this morning to explain that, “Fifteen-thousand dollars were budgeted in the 2017-2018 budget year for the RV park project, and that, so far in this budget year, $18,748 have been spent.  She goes on to say that two invoices owed to downtown businesses have yet to be paid on top of the $18,748.” (05/30/ 2018-11AM)

Resolution 2018-13 will be discussed next Tuesday.  The resolution will amend the 2017-18 budget to pay $100,000 on the balance of payment on the fire truck chassis. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/30/2018-6AM)