Joe Moser was one of the last living, if not the last, Campbell County native who served in World War II.  He passed away on Sunday and was laid to rest on Wednesday afternoon.WLAF’s Charlie Hutson shares his photos from Moser’s graveside ceremony conducted by the Campbell County Honor Guard.



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  1. My uncle J.C. Paul, who will be 92 in September, served in WWII.
    My papaw and mama Paul had 6 sons (Roy, Herbert, Fred, Buddy, Edwin and JC)and 2 nephews ( Sam and Dan Cox) that they raised, all in WWII. All came back except my uncle Fred, who was kilted in Saipan on Dec, 12,1944.

    1. My grandpa Verlin Mynatt is 94 years old vet of WWll in Campbell county Tennessee

  2. He may be one of the last, but he was not the only one left. There are a lot of WWII Veterans in Campbell County, who are still living, and are in fact, very much alive. While it is true that these veterans are very few remaining, please check your facts before you publish something like this. No disrespect is mean to Mr. Moser, but please be respectful to the many other Veterans who also served and still survived the War. I personally know a few and care quite a bit about their well being.

  3. Thank you yo Mr. Moser for his service. He was not the last WWII Veteran of the county. There are plenty of Campbell County natives who survived the war still alive today and living in the County. Please respect those who do still remain and check your facts before publishing something that has no basis in truth.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Please reread our story. It was not said that Joe Moser was the last WWII veteran from Campbell County.

  4. My grandpa, Verlin Mynatt is 94 yrs old. He is a veteran of WWII. He was raised and still resides in Campbell County. Than you to all veterans.

  5. I realize it says one of the last, if not the last…however, I feel that by adding the comment, “if not the last” makes it sound like there are no more veteransliving in Campbell County. I did not need to re-read the article. All veterans should be recognized, and none should be felt as if they no longer exist, or are any less important than the other. This is what the comment, “if not the last” does. Even if it was not meant that way. There is a better way to say that the number of WWII veterans are greatly diminishing in our community, every day, and we should cherish those that we are fortunate enough to have with us, each and every day, and remember those that are not, always, and keep every one of them in our prayers.

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