Shyla Huckaby, a 17-year-old junior at Campbell County High School, and nine-year old Eden Reece,

a third grader at Caryville Elementary School, participated at Bays Mountain Saddle Club on April 14.

Eden Reece sits atop “Burnin’ Down the Barn.”

Reece competed with her horse Burnin’ Down the Barn. She earned two first place, two second place, a third place and two fourth place awards in the western division. Reece competed in the open western pleasure against all ages including adults, she was the youngest rider to compete in the show.

Shyla Huckaby is with her horse Secretly Enlightened  

   Huckaby competed with her horse Secretly Enlightened. She earned two first place, two second place and one third place award in the western division. She has been riding horses for 10 years and competing for eight years.(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/21/2018-6AM)