There are 14 names on today’s list

Ellison, Darren Kenneth age 49 of 527 Wildwood Cir. – LaFollette for driving under influence 3rd offense

Harris, Tyler Paul age 22 of 218 Circle Dr. – Jacksboro for driving while revoked

Hatfield, Laura Ray age 24 of 405 East Central Ave. – LaFollette for possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of probation (criminal court)

Hayes, Michael Aaron age 40 of 794 Sled Creek Rd. – Duff for possession of a schedule II

Hicks, Joshua Paul age 35 of 420 Reed Ln.  – Jacksboro for violation of probation, theft of property

Isner, Rachel Ann age 29 of 708 E. Central Ave. – LaFollette for possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal impersonation, possession of schedule III controlled sub., meth, intro contraband in penal inst. & tampering with evidence

Kimberlin, Christopher William age 32 of 163 Jay Ln. – LaFollette for driving while license suspended, attachment child support

Kuruc, Kenneth age 20 of 103 Claiborne Ln. – LaFollette for domestic assault

Medley, Crissy Lynn age 37 of 1157 Sugar Hollow Rd. – LaFollette for public intoxication

Miller, Johnathan Riley age 20 of 905 West Forrest St. – LaFollette for no driver’s license, possession of schedule VI controlled substance

Nelson, Randy Allen age 51 of 104 Lewis White Ln. – LaFollette for violation of probation (criminal court)

Seiber, Angie Marie age 54 of 1147 Main St. – Jacksboro for public intoxication

Simpson, David Edward age 36 of 507 N. 13th St. – LaFollette for violation for muffler law, violation of Tn. Financial law, destruction of evidence, possession of drug paraphernalia, dui

Woods, Cobina Kay age 54 of 800 East Hemlock – LaFollette for public intoxication, violation of probation (general sessions)