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Happy Birthday to You from Your Friends at 1450wlaf.com


Saturday, July 15                 Sunday, July 16                          Monday, July 17                         Tuesday, July 18

Theresa Nunley                    Rev. Doug Clem                        Tyler Ward                                    Ronald Ridenour

Patricia Bond                        Melissa                                      Kayla Dennis                                Ricky Skaggs

      Doris Sharp                                  Lloyd Malicoat 


Wednesday, July 19               Thursday, July 20                       Friday, July 21

Pam Burns                            Frankie Nelson                            Wanda Patty

Lisa Clotfelter                       Starla Miller                                 Larry Inman

Chloe Franklin

Kayla Ward



Congratulations and Happy Birthday

                                                            Rev. Mike Groom                                                                                          

 Mike will be the latest 1450wlaf.com dinner winner.

Mike will receive a dinner for two from East Side Pizza

And Deli