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Saturday, March 18                 Sunday, March 19                  Monday, March 20                 Tuesday, March 21

Deborah Smith                        Le Ann Copeland                   Pansy Monday                        Freda Smith

Doris Johnson                          Mary Mayton                          Paulette Pebley                     Paul Hembree

Lekia Goddard                         Anthony Sexton                     Sam McGhee                         Jamie Paul



Wednesday, March 22              Thursday, March 23                       Friday, March 24

Bobby Russell                            Nancy Chadwell                            Penny Morgan

Brooke Green                            Sherry Ayers                                  Pearl Babb

Betty Weldon                            Wes Payne                                     Sophia Fritts

Allison Robbins                         Tina Smith                                     Verne Depew

Madison Robbins                       McKenna Gillum                            Claudette Love

     Dennis O'Rourke 




    Congratulations and Happy Birthday

                         Penny Morgan                                                                                                               

 Penny will be the latest 1450wlaf.com dinner winner.

 Penny will receive a dinner for two from East Side Pizza

And Deli