Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (left) with State Representative Dennis Powers (left).

NASHVILLE, TN (WLAF) – On Thursday, Governor Bill Lee introduced a comprehensive pro-life bill that would include a ban on abortion once a heartbeat can be detected.   Rep. Dennis Powers, who was on the podium during the press conference and announcement, said, “As someone who believes that every life is sacred and a precious gift from God, I support Governor Lee’s bill, and will assist anyway I can as it moves through the Legislature.  The unborn are the most vulnerable in our society, and we have to be their voice.  We need to make adoptions easier and work to protect the unborn anyway we can.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/24/2020-6AM)

One Reply to “‘The unborn are the most vulnerable in our society’ – Rep. Dennis Powers”

  1. Thank you Dennis, Gov. Lee, and Vann Huss ( if he is the Rep. that reintroduced the Bill.) It will likely have a lot of opposition from the liberal side like Gloria Johnson who is already voicing her opposition by saying “We do not need the government in our doctors’ offices. It’s always one of those small government guys who comes in with a bill to regulate women’s health care.” Our Governor is hardly a “small government guy” and neither are our elected State Representatives. She should be reprimanded for making that statement alone. These babies, born and unborn, are put here for a reason and need protected whether it be protected by parents, family, doctors, nurses, or Government. I say pass the Bill and let them litigate it if they choose to, even if it is overturned think of the babies lives that were saved in the process during the appeal. Hundreds if not thousands in Tennessee alone.

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