PIONEER, TN (WLAF) – What began as a domestic dispute call ended with a drug arrest.

Campbell County Deputy Zachary Daugherty went to a home at Pioneer last Saturday (Jan. 18) to answer a call about domestic dispute. Daugherty was advised by dispatch that the suspect was impaired on drugs. When Daugherty and back up officers arrived on scene, the suspect fled out of the back door of the residence. Corporal Travis Bostic and his K9 partner Santo began tracking for the suspect and found the man who was identified as Tyler Andrew Richardson in the woods lying down flat on his back.

Daugherty began issuing verbal commands for compliance, and Richardson rolled over onto to his stomach and was handcuffed. At this point, a small backpack was found lying next to Richardson, who allegedly said the backpack was his. Richardson was observed to have extremely slurred speech, was speaking in a very fast manner and his pupils were constricted, according to a report from the Sheriff’s Department.

Once Richardson was in the patrol car, Daugherty began to interview the victim who explained the argument was only verbal and no assault had occurred. While in Richardson’s room in the home, Daugherty noticed a hypodermic needle laying in the floor in plain view.

Eroute to the jail, Richardson became very vulgar and began screaming that he was defecating all over the patrol car. Once at the jail, Daugherty searched the bag more thoroughly and located a large stretchy piece of rubber commonly used to stop the blood flow before injecting a needle. Also found was a small clear plastic bag which had a cellophane wrapper inside of it. Inside of the cellophane wrapper was a black sticky substance which had a vinegary like smell to it believed to be black tar heroin.

Richardson, 29, 670 Longfield Road, Pioneer is charged with public intoxication and possession of schedule I controlled substance. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/24/2020-6AM)