It was a morning of laughter, love and support for JR Kitts on “Paint the Town Blue for JR” Day.  JR Kitts (left) and Paul Provins (right).

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “Look.  This woman even drove a blue car in here,” said JR Kitts.  Wednesday morning on Kitts’ mother’s 86th birthday was also a day of celebration and support for the successful businessman who is battling cancer.

Kitts granddaughter, Jaylynn, came up with the idea to “Paint the Town Blue for JR.”  She felt having it on her great grandmother’s birthday would be ideal.  And it was.  City of La Follette Mayor Mike Stanfield was on hand and proclaimed Dec. 4, 2019, as “JR Kitts Day” in La Follette.

(Left to right) Mike Stanfield, unidentified customer, June Bug Kitts, Bill Waddell, Clara Rose Kitts, Harvey Harness, Bill Floyd, Jacent Jones, Jeff Pace, Jaylynn Kitts, Ashley Kitts, Sadie Kitts, JR Kitts, Tony Johnson, Tracy Wilson, Brandon Johnson, Bubba Wilson and Katherine Kitts

Jay Kitts celebrated long distance from JR’s Tires of Knoxville on Baxter Avenue.

JR and staff muscle up against cancer.  (Left to right) Jeff Pace, Jaylynn Kitts, JR Kitts, Tracy Wilson, Jacent Jones and Harvey Harness while (left to right) Jaylynn Kitts and Ashley Kitts muscle up (below).

A lot of friends were on hand and family was too.  (Left to right) Jaylynn, JR, Sadie and Katherine Kitts.

The crowd began gathering well before Wednesday’s 10 am start.

(Left to right) Brandon Johnson, JR Kitts, Tony Johnson and Katherine Kitts

(Left to right) JR Kitts, Tracy Wilson, Bubba Wilson and Paul Provins

Granddaughters Jaylynn (left) and Sadie join in supporting their papaw, JR Kitts.

Kitts said, “I’d like to thank all the people of Campbell County and my employees for their support.”  He expressed that he appreciated Jaylynn and the others are concerned about him.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/05/2019-6AM)