LAFOLLETTE, TN. (WLAF)- Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Owens answered a call on Nov. 3 about an alleged domestic assault. When Owens arrived at the residence around 10:48 am, the victim alleged that on Nov. 2, Jordan Brooke Dowdy had assaulted her.

She stated Dowdy lived with her, and they had been arguing because she refused to give her any money. The victim stated Dowdy had repeatedly taken all of her money and had even taken items such as televisions pawning them, and she had no money left to give her. The victim continued that Dowdy had grown more and more angry as the day went on. She allegedly started knocking household decorations off tables and throwing things through the house. Dowdy then allegedly grabbed the victim by her throat with both hands and started choking her. The victim attempted to get Dowdy’s hands off her throat and scratched the defendants face, but she started going unconscious and couldn’t fight her off, according to a report from the sheriff’s department.
The victim said she woke up in the floor with Dowdy standing over top of her punching her in the left arm and shoulder. She attempted to get a phone to call 911, but Dowdy took the phone and hid it from her then refused to let her leave the residence to get help. The victim went to her room and waited until the following day to call 911.  By this time Dowdy was asleep and the victim could find a phone.
Deputy Owens had to wake Dowdy up to place her under arrest. She allegedly told him that she needed help for her anger issues.
Dowdy, 148 Matthew Lane, LaFollette is charged with aggravated assault by domestic violence and false imprisonment. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED- 11/8/19- 6AM)