CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – Last month, Caryville Alderman Eric Jones voiced his concerns about the lack of reporting from the code’s enforcement officer. At Monday night’s meeting of the Caryville Mayor and Board of Aldermen, Jones had a report, but his concerns continued. While the report listed issues being addressed, it lacked dates issues were addressed and a date the issues need to be corrected. Jones discussed how he would like to see consistency and consequences for codes violations.  Watch the meeting HERE.

Debra Pemberton with Spay Campbell County Tennessee Pets spoke to the board about donating $500 to the program. Pemberton explained if the board donated, the organization would receive a match on the money. “It’s an investment in the community,” said Pemberton.  Alderman Patrick Pebley made a motion to donate the funds, but the motion died for a lack of a second. Alderman Eric Smith and Mayor Bobby Stooksbury requested Pemberton come back before the board in March. It’s just a matter of timing continued Stooksbury.

Approval for the repair of the library ceiling was approved. Three different people were contacted, but only one quote was received. The quote was from Ray Brothers Construction for $2,350.  Stooksbury said insurance would cover the cost of the repair.

Second reading of Ordinance No. 2019-05 amending the annual operating budget for State Street Aid FY 2018-19 was completed. Striping Main Street and Lake Lane to the post office was approved for $1,200.

Stooksbury updated the board about a lack of progress on  Interstate 75. He told the board that he had spoken with the current contractor who found additional issues with the job. At that point, the contractor had to go back to TDOT for further negotiation, Stookbury added. Work could be completed by spring concluded Stooksbury.

The board discussed performance reviews for town employees. A standard form from MTAS (Municipal Technical Advisory Service) was presented for all employees except the police department. After a lengthy discussion about how to utilize the reviews, the board decided to have a workshop on Sept. 30 to further discuss the reviews. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/10/2019-6AM)

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  1. I have been helped by the Spay Campbell County Program. I have been a resident for about 6 years. I had no cats now I have feral cats. I have been trapping them in order to get them fixed. This program had helped me as well as many residents of this county. Controlling the pet population is very important. Without this program many pets will have multiple litters and this leads to over crowded shelters and many animals being put down unnecessarily.

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