JACKSBORO, TN., (WLAF)- Jeff Courtney, a former LaFollette Police Officer facing two counts of rape and aggravated kidnapping, appeared in criminal court yesterday. His bond was set at $60,000. The bond covers the indicted charges and violation of probation he received for acquiring new charges.

When his case was heard at the general sessions level, it was dismissed following a hearing, according to court records.  However, the district attorney’s office chose to take the matter to the grand jury where Courtney, 40, was indicted.
In August, a recording of the attack produced by his victim propelled police to act on the allegations.
The victim said she was contacted by Courtney when he threatened to extort her with a sex tape of the two of them. She had no memory of having sex with him, she told police.
He allegedly made the tape when the victim was unconscious and he had sex with her, the arrest report said. Courtney allegedly said if the victim didn’t come to his home, he would forward the tape to her boyfriend. Not sure if the tape existed, the victim complied with Courtney’s threat.
Once at his home, and after playing the recording for her, Courtney became angry with the woman when she refused to answer his questions about her boyfriend, the report said. When Courtney allegedly grew more upset, the woman started an audio recording ap on her phone. She did tell police that she and Courtney had a rocky history that had grown worse with time leading her to install the ap.
What was captured on the ap was Courtney allegedly sexually assaulting the woman for the second time. She can also be heard fighting back and telling him to stop, according to the report. Throughout the recording, Courtney can allegedly be heard telling the woman if she will answer his questions about her boyfriend he will stop.
Once the victim got free from him, she fled and contacted police.
Courtney has been booked in at the Campbell County Jail five times. The charges include stalking, aggravated assault by domestic violence and domestic assault. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 9/4/19 6 AM)