JELLICO, TN (WLAF) – Several reports of a small gray car all over the road on I-75 north ended in an arrest.

Last Friday, several motorists reported the car was around the 141 northbound mile marker. The last call said the car was at the 156 northbound mile marker and other vehicles could not get around it because the vehicle was all over the roadway traveling approximately 36 mph, according to a report from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputy Courtney Charles found the car at the 160 northbound mile marker (Jellico Exit) traveling in the middle of the road. Courtney saw three transfer trucks, two cars, one SUV, and one pick-up truck behind the vehicle. While traveling in the left hand lane, Courtney saw the vehicle allgedly cross the center line two times, cross the fog line three times and then cross the center line. At this point, Charles turned on her emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop, during this time the vehicle crossed the center line two more times and crossed the fog line after being followed for approximately one quarter of a mile. She then turned on her siren and the vehicle continued approximately another half mile, while crossing the center line and fog line several times.

When Charles was finally able to stop the vehicle and make contact with the driver, she could smell alcoholic beverage coming from the car. When the driver, who was later identified as Joanna Lee Nelson, was asked if she had anything to drink, she said she had not. During this time Jellico Police Officer Tyler Minton arrived and asked Nelson if she had any alcoholic beverages and she said allegedly said she had not. A search of the vehicle revealed six open alcoholic beverage containers under the front passenger seat. Minton asked her again if she had anything to drink and she said allegedly said that she had three or four alcoholic beverages.

Nelson was asked to do a field sobriety test and agreed to the tests.  However, when asked to do the walk and turn test and the one leg test, she said she was unable to do them because of a back problem. A check of her license revealed Nelson’s driver’s license was suspended, and she had an open warrant. At this time, Nelson was arrested and transported to the Jellico Police Department for a breath test. While waiting to do the test, Nelson asked if she could make a phone call before the test but was told she could make her phone call when she was booked into the jail. She then said an “ It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m not doing it”.

While being transported to the jail, Nelson allegedly urinated on herself in the back of the patrol car and never told Charles she had to use the bathroom. When asked if she had urinated in the car she allegedly said, “I don’t know, I may have, or maybe not, don’t really know.”

Nelson, 42, 223 Janeva Road, Knoxville is charged with driving under influence (DUI), violation implied consent law, failure to maintain lane, driving while suspended, violation of open container law, impeding the flow of traffic, vandalism and capias/bench warrant. She remains housed in the Campbell County Jail this morning on a $12,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, July 23.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/19/2019-6AM)