Concerned citizens were present for Thursday night’s Jacksboro Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.    Travis Shelton read a prepared statement to the board that requested opening up streets inside the town to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).  He also had a petition he presented to the board with signatures of citizens who were in agreement with him. Shelton and other citizens feel that the town is losing revenue by not opening the streets up from the mountain trails. Mayor June Forstner attempted to explain that the decision to open the roads was not made by the town but was made at a state level.  City Attorney Steve Hurst told the group it needed to take the issue to its state representative, who could offer more assistance on the matter. Members of the audience appeared displeased with what they were told.

The board approved the hiring of Jordan Huskey as a full time police officer and Brandon Carins as a part time police officer.

Currently, the board has a New Holland Tractor with a boom mower out of service that was declared as surplus property. The tractor will be traded to the Town of Caryville for a salt spreader.

In the final business of the night, the board approved several items for the fire department. Those items were 2019 in-service trainings; new lights for the bays in the fire department, $2,500; small water heater, $750 and a new fire helmet for $125.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/04/2019-6AM)

7 Replies to “A group of Jacksboro citizens wants streets open to ATVs”

  1. Off road vehicles are regulated by the state. See Title 55, and Title 70. All you need to do is Google Tennessee ATV roads

  2. It has nothing to do with state codes . Lafollette,Caryville,and Jellico did nothing on a state level to let the citizens ride to access the mountains….

  3. I personally love riding ATVs. However since they have opened up certain roads for their use it has been a nightmare in the summer in the stinking creek areas. Trying to travel to and from work with ATV tourists parked in the main roads eating lunch, chit chatting and playing on their phones. Not to mention at night with all the bright light bars and colored lights flickering everywhere. They have almost caused me to wreck several times. It was a bad idea. Leave the 4 wheelers in the mountains where they belong, not on the main roads.

  4. I also agree with you. I’d like to know what is supposed to happen when an atv causes a person in a vehicle to wreck or hits a vehicle. Very few people carry insurance on their ATV & police officers rarely pull an atv over to check for insurance. I’ve even seen a 4 wheeler on the main 4 lane turning up queener rd & also saw a caryville police officer on the road & the 4 wheeler was not pulled over & the 2 people riding on it did not have helmets on. Opening the streets in jacksboro to atv’s would help 1 business. That is eagle mrk. I hope that the roads won’t be open allowing the atv’s to get to walmart because then the atv’s will be on the main road & there is already enough issues at both entrances to walmart.

  5. Since Caryville has allowed 4 wheelers on the road they are coming through neighborhoods at high rates of speed and on the wrong side of the road and even going through people’s yards and pasture fields. Someone is going to get hurt or killed by letting anyone ride them regardless of the experience of the rider. IF this continues lawsuits will follow so I hope Caryville can afford to pay out.

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