Codes Enforcement Officer Daniel Smith was the topic of conversation again last night at the regular monthly meeting of the La Follette City Council.   WATCH HERE.   Council person Ann Thompson brought up the fact that Smith was hired in 2016 and given 12 months to receive his codes certification. Thompson continued that Smith has not earned the certification yet and cannot serve as codes enforcement without certification according to MTAS. Thompson said the City was in violation of a state statute by allowing Smith to continue in the position. Councilman Mark Hoskins said “we’re dealing with a man’s life here” and made a motion to table the item until next month, so City Attorney Reid Troutman could research the issue.

The City of La Follette has a new firefighter.  Damien Guder was hired full time effective Saturday, Jan. 5, at last night’s council meeting at a salary of $29,213. Guder is the department’s oldest auxiliary fireman on staff.  Elsewhere in fire department news, council agreed to accept a bid from Fire Master for $17,652 for turn out gear. The last item for the fire department on the agenda was Resolution 2018-28 that amended the original 2018-19 budget. The resolution covered $13,139 for the unexpected repair of fire pumper truck #103.

Christmas Light Contest winners were announced. First place, a $200 prize, was Katherine and Ricky McCulley, 902 E Beech Street, second place, a prize of $100, went to Jerry Brotherton, 117 South Avenue and third place, a $50 prize,  was awarded to John Cooper, 506 Rose Hill Drive. Two businesses participated in the contest, Community Trust Bank and Richard’s Barber Shop, both will receive plaques. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/03/2019-6AM-THIS STORY WAS UPDATED TO INCLUDE THE PRIZE AMOUNTS)


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  1. Isn’t picking on someone because they cant pass a test considered bullying? Sounds like someone is just trying to make a name for herself.

    1. Seriously??? He is a full year past the cushion of 12 months for obtaining the certification required for the position. In all reality, he should have had the proper certification BEFORE given the position in the first place.

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