Sunday night concerned citizens called the police about a man leaving a home intoxicated.    The man was alleged to be in Campbell Memorial Gardens. When Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Crabtree arrived at the cemetery, he found a maroon Ford Focus with the door open. Inside the car was a can labeled Natty Daddy. Two witnesses told police that the suspect got out of the driver’s seat, stumbled down the hill and ran into the bushes. Crabtree along with Cpl Joshua Jeffers and Deputy Zach Daugherty began looking for the man but were eventually notified by dispatch that the man was back at the car.

When Crabtree went back to the car, he found, Christopher Emanuel Siler sitting in the driver’s seat with the keys in his pocket. As Crabtree began talking with him, he noticed Siler had watery bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, the report said.  He was allegedly uneasy on his feet and had a strong smell of alcohol coming from him.  Siler allegedly admitted to Crabtree he had driven to the cemetery.

When searching the car, four additional cans, unopened and cold to the touch, of Nattty Daddy were in the passenger seat along with a can of Lime A Rita that was also unopened and cold to the touch, the report said.

After a series of field sobriety tests, Siler eventually admitted he had consumed a substantial amount of alcohol, had opened one on the way back to the cemetery, then got out and walked away.

Siler, 45, 165 Posey Lane, Jacksboro is charged with driving under influence (DUI), violation of open container law. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/19/2018-6AM)