In between photos and smiles, Cline Carden Russell had to have a bottle of milk.  But someday, he’ll see the photos, learn the story, the story is of his great great grandfather, Joe Carden, and have no idea of that bottle.

  TOP PHOTO:  Joe Carden (L) and his great great grandson Cline

Wednesday afternoon in the lower level courtroom at the Campbell County Court House at Jacksboro, a special ceremony took place honoring and remembering Chancellor Joe Carden along with the current and past chancellors and clerk and masters of Campbell County.

Someday Cline will know his PaPa served as chancellor from 1948 until 1959, was an avid Tennessee Vols fan and loved politics.  He was also a Chrysler Dealer, assistant district attorney, served on a local bank’s board and was a La Follette attorney.

L-R are Cline’s Aunt Nancy, Grandmother Laura and Grandfather Jerry

PaPa was born around 1900.  Cline came into the world about eight months ago.

Though more than 100-years separate them, they were united for the first time yesterday.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/06/2018-6AM)