Elk Valley School’s Homecoming was Monday night, and Donnamarie Rose and her escort stole the show.   Members of the homecoming court were allowed to ask anyone to escort them on their special night.  That’s what prompted first-grader Donnamarie Rose to select “Officer John” to be her escort.

TOP PHOTO:  Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy John Minor, who once served as the SRO at Elk Valley School, was Donnamarie’s escort.

Donnamarie calls Minor “my cop” even though he’s no longer the school’s school resource officer.  However, Minor still makes weekly visits to the EVS.

Campbell County Board of Education Chairman Crystal Creekmore said, “That goes to show that the SROs do more than protect our schools.”  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/05/2018-6AM)

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  1. Officer John was, and continues to be, an awesome asset to our school! We miss him dearly. What he has done for this little girl will stay with her forever. Thank you Officer John!

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