Seeing what a difference good healthcare for children makes led Melissa Guzman to a medical career.   That’s good news for Campbell Countians, because the mother of four now practices at Community Health of East Tennessee (CHET).  Guzman is CHET’s new primary care pediatric nurse practitioner.

CHET welcomes Melissa Guzman to its staff

The Knoxville native’s career turning point was when she helped at a clinic in Honduras.  It was there  she saw first hand the difference healthcare makes for children, and once her youngest child enrolled in school, Guzman was off to earn her degree.

Her pre-CHET stops include Children’s Hospital of East Tennessee.  “I’m sold on CHET, and I love the team effort here ; how everyone cares so much,” Guzman said.  The one-stop shop of x-ray and behavorial health under one roof makes treating her patients so convenient and efficient;  a perk of the new job.

Being a part of the CHET team is a very good fit, and it’s all coming together since she arrived a few weeks ago, she said. Guzman calls the pace at CHET good, but busy.

When asked what advice she might offer parents in today’s every changing world, Guzman was quick to say, “limiting sugar intake and screen time.”   She points to the childhood obesity epidemic in America and too much time in front of a computer or phone screen as threats to good health practices for children.    “Spend less than two hours a day in front of a screen and then get moving,” Guzman said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/09/2018-6AM)