Two yet to be named marinas have been applied for in the Deerfield Resort community.  While one request to the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) is for a 280 slip marina, Paula LeJune, who is requesting to build the dock, says the marina will not be that large. “We applied for more than we will ever need,” she said.

LeJune owns Parc Properties, the company listed on the proposal. The proposal is referenced as Public Notice No. LRN-18-25 on the USACE website.

The addition of the slips will be gradual with the hopes of “no more than 20” being constructed in the next five years, she said. Furthermore, while the permit asked for permission to build a commercial marina, LeJune said that was the only way to apply.

“We have to apply as commercial,” she said. “That was the only option.” However, the slips will be built for the Deerhill community residents with the construction being “owner driven.”

Deerfield, a private gated community on Norris Lake, is home to many local residents and a popular vacation spot for tourists. Many of the tourists own residences within the community with some of the homes being owned by multiple families. Currently, each residence has one slip allotted. If the US Army Corp of Engineers approves the request, then slips could be added to accommodate multiple owners.

If the permit is granted, constructing the docks would be a “very slow process,” she said.

Along with this, LeJune said that while the permit asked for permission to build a marina, there would not be a retail component to the project.

There is a second permit in play with the USACE. It requests permission to build a 70 slip commercial marina.

Rob Woodson is listed as the requestor on that application. It is referenced as Public Notice No.18-26 on the website. While that request says the property is in Deerfield, LeJune said it “was technically not Deerfield.” Instead it is adjacent to the resort.

The public has until Sept. 28 to offer comment of the Parc Properties request while the public comment time has expired on Woodson’s request. That deadline was Sept. 6.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/14/2018-6AM)